Another lovely day!

The sun was shining and the sky was blue all day long today at Woerthersee, perfect!

We started with a trip to the Pyramidenkogel to see if anything was happening, and we were glad we did because it was busy! Cars were parked on the road on both sides, making it difficult to access the car parks, but when they are outstanding modified Volkswagens and Audis like we are used to here it's definitely not a problem!

Cars at the Pyramidenkogel

These matching Mk3 Golfs looked gorgeous in the sunshine, beautiful colour!

Mk3 Golfs

It's always worth finding a spot on the road up to the Pyramidenkogel to take in the scenery and the sunshine, the cars often sound spectacular as they climb up to the top too. We saw and heard this gorgeous ur-Quattro more than once, fabulous...

Audi ur-Quattro at the Pyramidenkogel

Then it was off to Reifnitz to check out what was happening, and again it was busy. The Audi stand was open to the public, earlier than in previous years, where they had several Q3 design studies on display – the yellow Jinlong Yufeng, the Red Track, and the blue RS Quattro.

Audi Q3 Jinlong yufeng

Audi Q3 Jinlong yufeng

Audi Q3 Red Track

Audi RS Q3 Quattro


Perhaps more interesting was the A1 Quattro. The sticker on the back says that the rallymeister Stig Blomqvist approves, and who are we to argue? A limited run of 333 are to be made and sold in Germany/Austria, the one on the stand being No.1 in the production run. Fantastic!

Audi A1 Quattro - Stig Blomqvist

Audi A1 Quattro

And finally for today, a mobile Barbecue – only at Woerthersee...