A day in the Faak'in Sunshine

Wow... What a day!

Faaker See

We called in at Faak Am See hoping to crash one of the many mini-meet ups that pop up in a few locations around the lake in the lead up to the main GTI-Treffen. We were not disappointed, we'd managed to stumble into the Low Familia meet.

Audi A7 Sportback

We arrived to see a queue forming along the road and on all the roadways in the car park near the Faakersee lake. VW were there, with their commercial vehicles offering test drives, along with the ServiceFactory catering trailer serving VW-CurryWurst, their period liveried 'Becks' Type 2 panel with trailer serving ice cold beers and an Amarok with hoist which appeared to be offering people the chance to grab an aerial view of the massed cars.

Custom Tuning VW Up!

We set off, Cameras in hand to grab pictures of as many of the cars as we could... it was a real mission as there were just SO many awesome rides, everything from an up! on air to a Lamborghini Gallardo and everything in between.

Retro Audi 60