The storm has broken.

Whilst driving around the lake yesterday we were very aware that we were witnessing the calm before the storm – today the storm arrived in two ways!


Traffic queues anywhere near the Shell Mischkulnig station and lots of cars cruising through Reifnitz really made it clear that today is the start of the event proper. Trade stands are setting up and ready, the VW/Audi areas are nearly complete. Lots of cars have suddenly descended on the area but we know that more are to come – the whole area will be packed solid in a few days. We can't wait!


Highlights of the day? One of them has to be the AMG Mercedes CLS giving “gummi” in the centre of Reifnitz, followed by several other cars including a glorious sounding BMW M5.


We've seen some stunning VAG motors too of course. We're noticing a lot more Sciroccos than last year, although we are still waiting for a second modifed Up!.

Our car this year, a Skoda Octavia VRS. If you're here and you see us, wave for the cameras!


The second storm was rather more literal... The humidity has been intense here today and it finally broke in the early evening with a heavy thunderstorm. Lots of lightning and very heavy rain made driving entertaining! The forecast says it'll dry up, but although more sunshine is always welcome it won't matter if it stays wet – the Woerthersee Tour is an absolutely fantastic experience whatever the weather!